Persuasive Essays About Cellphones In School

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In an AP English classroom, already this year I have asked students to: Our district has recently cited cell phones as not just acceptable, but necessary in the classroom.

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Continue by explaining that the intrusive and distracting aspects of the cell phone produce widespread damage elsewhere, from ruining an evening out at a fine restaurant, to precipitating a major automobile accident.

The "hook" or motivator of an essay is a thought-provoking quotation, question, or remark that is part of the introduction to an essay.

Our grade five class has been learning the steps to writing a persuasive essay.

Each student was asked to think of an issue, list the pros and cons, then take a stance either for or against their chosen issue.

Since your teacher is looking for negative aspects of cell phone use, the potential for addiction might be a good hook - surely no school would want to promote addictive behaviors! You might begin with a question: In an emergency, are your students safe?

Then you go on to explain that if each student has a cell phone and service is not blocked, help can arrive more quickly.Just off the top of my head: Cell phones used for cheating (looking up answers) Safety issues on stairs (students not paying attention) Is emergency communication for every individual student necessary Attention problems in class (texting or browsing instead of listening) Ringing phones disrupting or interrupting presentations, speakers, and meetings Same policy for studants teachers, or just students Leeway for medical issues (insulin shots, asthma, seizures) Any one of these would make a great essay.Just remember to state your thesis clearly and then argue your points with facts instead of opinion.The intent of each student’s essay was to persuade/convince the reader to agree/take their side.Please enjoy Akshay’s essay on whether cell phones should be used in schools." The essay should then explain how a cell phone distracts in the classroom and deprives you of the education you need.Use the topics and examples in the excellent earlier posts.The cheating aspect is a real problem, since many cells have Internet access.I have seen students using Wikipedia from their cells in college classes, looking up info for in-class assignments that allow no notes or text--or Internet.There is some research out there now that indicates that cell phone use, and particularly texting, is addictive.You can find one of the studies at this link, or at another here. For example, say you are for allowing cell phones and your target audience is the principal.


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