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This leads to a great deal of destruction, ruining several innocent young lives.Bob is killed because of the violence, and Johnny eventually dies as a result. When Ponyboy meets Cherry, a Soc girl, he realizes that not all Socs are bad.What is it about this book that seems to capture hearts and minds, even decades after its publication?

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It is an older friend Ponyboy turns to after the shooting incident with the Socs.Session 2 – “Literary Learnings” Good fiction can reveal truths about the real world.In this lesson we investigate some of the important concepts that are illustrated by the novel and learn to support our connections with reference to a literary text.For Ponyboy, his brothers, and the other Greaser characters, friends are essentially family.Ponyboy's interactions with Cherry also offer an interesting perspective on friendship.We will also learn about how to start an literary analysis essay using the Em POWER strategy.Session 7 – Writing Academically We take some time out from the novel to revise and improve our essay knowledge and skills.We will consider the advantages and disadvantages of the first person POV and discuss why S. Today we explore the effect of contrasting characters and ideas and learn to use a ‘double bubble’ map.We will also revise our understanding of characterisation and the STEAL model.They have problems too, even if they are different ones.They also are more similar to the Greasers than the each group would think.


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