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You have to be all of these things to survive in this industry because no one will advocate for you and your work better than you.

No one will care about your story as much as you do, and your passion and drive will amplify the work as long as you are willing, able and brave enough to share it. (Note-to-self: Choose one title and stick to it, as it will avoid some unnecessary confusion down the road). Looking back now, book in hand, I realize how naïve I was about how much work it would be, how much money it would cost, and how rewarding it would all be in the end.

Tens of Thousands of demonstrators rallied Saturday in Washington, D. to protest the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy and separating children from their parents.

On a sweltering day in the capital, the crowd gathered at Lafayette Square across from the White House to protest separating thousands of children from their parents at the border and the new plan to detain families together.

After the rally, protesters marched down Pennsylvania Avenue past the Trump International Hotel to the Department of Justice. Only a few hundred of the children who were sent to shelters around the country have been reunited with their parents.

Nearly 2,500 undocumented children were separated from their parents recently under the “zero-tolerance” policy, which was changed June 20 to keep families entering the U. Under the “zero-tolerance” policy, anyone crossing the border illegally faces detention and prosecution.

The situation is critical and we believe it would be immoral to leave.

Leaving would result in more suffering and misuse of help.

She said that she was told that her son could be adopted. Celebrities Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the smash musical “Hamilton,” singer Alicia Keys and actress America Ferrera were among the rally speakers.

Miranda sang a lullaby from “Hamilton,” Keys read a letter from a mother separated from her son and Ferrera talked about being a new mother, her Honduran roots and her duty to defend justice.


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