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Comedians are a great example of this, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Billy Connelly, Lee Evans, these are to name a few.At one point they were stand-up comedians working the stage in front of thousands of spectators, they have all starred in Hollywood movies.The purpose of this is to give understanding to the topic of humour in art photography providing significant and concise information required to understand and interpret humorous art photography. Humour can also refer to the funny, witty, hilarious or amusing.

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This dissertation will examine humour in art photography which involves researching art photography, photographic techniques and subject matter that can inform us as humorous.

Like the work of photographers that displays a sense of humour, the photographs that are humorous, real photography that is funny especially if it takes a couple of beats to figure out is usually quite compelling to view.

We can find humour in photography since the earlier days of photography; some of the work which was seen serious at the time is no longer severe and could be passed as humorous, respectively some of the photography that was seen as humorous at the time could be disregarded or frowned upon in our modern times “…it is helpful to remember that we are looking back to when ‘good taste’, ‘good manners’ and ‘good form’ were based on standards that were very different from today’s – to times when the rich and powerful employed fools, physical deformity was a legitimate source of amusement, and the social elite might entertain themselves by visiting insane asylums to taunt the inmates.

Even torture and executions were public events often conducted in a carnival atmosphere complete with snacks and refreshments.

A single piece of humour can arouse a response in a lot of people rather than just a single person, and this is because most people have a common ‘sense of humour’.

A more generalised depiction of humour is probably more universal, a ‘Sense of humour’ is something we refer to that describes what kind of mood an individual requires evoking a particular set of emotions.

Other sources of humour are more easily accessible such as a Grandfather making funny faces at his family or maybe someone like a politician making a cleverly arranged punch line to something he said.

We find humour everywhere from the television to the supermarket.

A generalised depiction of what is funny, what makes something funny and the techniques used to capture the humour in art photography and its content.

I will illustrate using photographs to see if there are any familiar and repetitive structural elements in the different photos.


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