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Geo Conservation Staffordshire is a group responsible for designating, conserving and promoting a wider awareness of the county's "geodiversity". (2006) Laboratory observations of ice formation and debris entrainment by freezing turbid supercooled water. Projects could involve the investigation of past glacial and periglacial landforms and sediments in order to identify their origin or to reconstruct past environmental conditions.Whilst the group has identified a range of important geological sites, the number of important geomorphological sites identified within Staffordshire is very limited. These could involve the use of a range of techniques including field mapping, sedimentological analyses, GIS mapping using digital elevation model data and laboratory simulations.This project will involve logging the section, identifying the facies and the applying sedimentological techniques such as particle size and clast fabric analysis in order to identify the site's palaeoenvironmental and palaeoglaciological history. The reference below flags up some of the controversial issues. Geomorphology (in press as of Jan 2011) direct link to pdf file.

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Hi, I'm heading into my third and final year BSc Geography degree, I've spent all summer pondering but can't think of anything simple I could do for my dissertation.

I'm most interested in physical aspects of geography, to be precise coastal topics, I'm really interested in doing my dissertation on coastal dunes.

A particular application area lies in the uses of GIS with such data to measure changes in the coastal zone in the context of various explanatory variables the relationship between rates of cliff line recession and shoreline protection measures would be one example.

Investigations involving predictions of future coastal zone losses based upon measured historical rates might also be considered.

It would also be feasible to predict and map the impact of various sea-level rise scenarios on low lying coastal regions.

Opportunities exist for students to contribute to an existing programme of research, in collaboration with the UK National Police Improvements Agency, examining the use of different geophysical search techniques for finding murder victims, whose bodies have been buried in coastal environments.

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However, many of these topics could easily be applied in the context of other salt marshes, both in the UK and overseas. (2007) The geography of basal ice and its relationship to glaciohydraulic supercooling: Svínafellsjökull, southeast Iceland. We do have a low-temperature laboratory (walk-in freezer) in which you could do lots of different experiments.

These projects are likely to include a significant field and laboratory component. Classic Physical Geography topics include "what controls the rate or style of...


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