Police Assignments

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Each rank assignment offers either Patrol, Undercover or Enforcer type vehicle upon completion.The first 20 ranks must be completed in sequential order.Players can not accept assignments from ranks they have previously completed until they complete assignment 20 and unlock Chapter 10 - Dark Waters.

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Players can now accept assignments from ranks they have previously completed.The RCPD is put in the spotlight by the media following an officer - John Mc Manis - being left in a critical condition following a hot pursuit.It is believed that the racers caused the officer to crash, and pushes the RCPD into seeking revenge.The VRT's plan of bringing chaos to the racer network has made the illegal street racers band together in groups, and as a result, made them more easily located by the VRT.The player is left in a critical condition following their pursuit of Zephyr, and following their actions, they've been dismissed from duty by the RCPD and VRT.Redview County has begun to turn into a proving ground for illegal street racers looking to make a name for themselves.The RCPD is tasked with restoring law and order with increased use of force following a lacklustre response to their previous efforts.Assignments featured in Need for Speed: Rivals are a series of goals and tasks that build up the police career of which the player takes on the role of an unnamed Redview County Police Department police officer.The player is rewarded with a specific vehicle upon completing an assignment alongside a cop rank increase.Officers attached to the RCPD precinct have been placed on restricted duty following allegations by the public of unbecoming forceful action, promoting a culture of intimidation, and reckless public endangerment.The FBI's Vehicle Response Team has been placed on active duty in the area to interdict racers during the Department of Justice's investigation of the RCPD.


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