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However, going by the concept of democracy, and democratic participant media theory, media content is said to be generated from the people, by the people and for the people and pluralism implies information access by anyone in respective of gender, race, and occupation.Supporting this notion, Folarin [2], avers that democratic participant theory discards the top down communication system that involves professionals and commercial driven motive operators who hijack the media for their selfish interest but agitate for pluralize and democratize form of access and production of media contents.

The theory advocates that media content generation, production, and dissemination should be done by one person to another instead of concentrating on particular top groups.

It calls for the media to be a medium of the people, for the people and by the people rather than a medium in the hands of a few monopolistic groups.

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Visit for more related articles at Journal of Mass Communication & Journalism This paper examined the political economy of the mainstream and new media, it explicates how media industry, the political economy of the media and capitalism affects the accessibility of information in the new media.

Most common is websites such as blogs, wikis, video games and social media.

A pool of literature concords to the fact that the new media major characteristics are dialogue, it transmits information, of ideas, emotions, written speech and other documented knowledge through connection and conversation.

This is a challenging question to answer because I think it’s a very complex relationship in a lot of ways.

Here are a few nuggets that I think help put it in perspective: (1) Democratization of information.

In order to understand the myth or no myth involve in the new media as regards to the above, it is necessary to start this argumentative essay by explicating the concept of the culture industry, media industry, political economy of the media, and then examine the political economy of the new media, exploring the effect of capitalism on the new media and explicate if all these affects the pluralism and access to information in the new media.

To better understand the hub of this study (Figure 1), below captures the themes to be covered in this study.


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