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Students are expected to write complete solutions to each problem in the set.

In cooking, some recipes are more difficult to do than others, because they take more time to finish or have more things to keep track of.

It is the same for algorithms, and algorithms are better when they are easier for the computer to do.

Algorithmic problem solving is a great starting point for students beginning their computer science and engineering studies.

While students may have been exposed to problem solving techniques during their middle and high school, they would gain a new perspective by focusing on algorithmic aspects.

When we look at algorithms as a way of solving problems, often we want to know how long it would take a computer to solve the problem using a particular algorithm.

When we write algorithms, we like our algorithm to take the least amount of time so that we can solve our problem as quickly as possible.Given a fixed method of implementing algorithms (for example, the Turing machine, or a fixed programming language) we may ask how much computational resources an algorithm consumes.In particular, it is often of practical importance to know how much time and how much memory a given algorithm consumes.In computing, an algorithm is a precise list of operations that could be done by a Turing machine.For the purpose of computing, algorithms are written in pseudocode, flow charts, or programming languages. There is usually more than one way to solve a problem.There may be many different recipes to make a certain dish which looks different but ends up tasting the same when all is said and done. However, some of these ways will be better than others.If a recipe needs lots of complicated ingredients that you do not have, it is not as a good as a simple recipe.Feynman was renowned for his ability to develop innovative and creative solutions to hugely complex problems, without being able to give much insight into how this process worked.Nevertheless, the algorithm itself is much more helpful than I thought on first reading.Algorithms can be described in many different ways.Common forms are as code in a programming language, as pseudocode, as flowcharts (for example, the pictoral description of a Turing machine) or in written text.


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