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3/5 of the distance = 195 miles, so the total distance is 195/(3/5) = 325.average speed is 50mi/h, total distance is 325 mi, therefore, the total travel time is 325/50 = 6.5 hours.

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What is the average speed of the runner for the entire race?

Answer: The distance-time graph shows the distance traveled by the runner over elapsed time.

Suppose a freight train travels a distance of 120 miles in 3 hours. Answer: Its average speed is In this example, we are given two speeds. Note that the average speed is not (50 65) / 2 = 57.5 mph!

Suppose the distance traveled during the trip from Chicago to Minneapolis is D, then the distance traveled in the return trip is also D. Remember that the average speed is defined as total distance traveled divided by elapsed time.

The high elapsed time resulted in a low average speed.

Let's look at some other examples of average speed: 1.

To calculate the car's average speed, we don't really care about the fluctuations in its speed.

We only care about the total distance traveled by the car and the elapsed time to cover that distance.

To calculate the average speed of an object, we do not care about fluctuations in its speed.

The key elements that we need are: 1) Total distance traveled2) Elapsed time to cover that distance Did you know…


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