Problem Solving Practice

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Here you had a non-profit and a major corporation taking an action that may well become a model for others and may lead to changes in how we recognise degrees.In other cases, initiatives could be at the city-level.National governments obviously still play a role, but it’s often small states that really can push initiatives and who typically ally with other kinds of actors.I don’t think it is necessary for any one particular actor of those three to take the lead.If I think about GAVI, the vaccine alliance – that was started by the Gates Foundation - it involves governments and international organisations and NGOs and pharmaceutical companies.Hertie School: Of those three actors – government, civil society, the private sector – do you see one taking a leadership role in such efforts?Anne-Marie Slaughter: I think it depends on the issue, on the moment.Hertie School: What is your vision for the role of government in what you call the “new practice of public problem-solving”?Anne-Marie Slaughter: We are at a historical inflection point – and when I say point I mean a couple of decades, I don’t just mean 2018.Hertie School: What would you say are the threats related to this change at a global level?Anne-Marie Slaughter: This new, as yet very blurry, paradigm is going to compete with state capitalism, with authoritarian capitalism.


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