Problem Solving Techniques In Programming

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It is combined with another fancy term: "Abstraction". For example, a forest is really a vastly complex ecosystem containing trees, animals, water paths, etc, etc, etc.

But to a computer scientist (and to a normal person), its just "a forest".

Brute force is a technique for solving problems that relies on a computers speed (how fast it can repeat steps) to solve a problem.

Have you ever thought "how does netflix work" or "how google search works" . In the real world we use algorithm for problem solving techniques . Algorithm is solely responsible for driving technical revolution in the past decade .

Including, getting up, walking down the hall, getting in your car, driving to a coffee stand, paying for the coffee, etc, etc, etc. In a computer program, as simple an idea as drawing a square on the screen involves hundreds (if not thousands) of (low level) computer instructions.

Further, the idea of what a cup of coffee is, is abstract. Again, a person couldn't possible create interesting programs if every time they wanted to do something, they had to re-write (correctly) every one of those instructions.

To find the average, you must: Computer scientists like to use the fancy word "Encapsulation" to show how smart we are.

This is just a term for things we do as humans every day.

Input string : "abcdef" Solving procedure : Take one character at a time from the input string Base Case a(first element of the input string) : a( possible permutation ) Build ab : ab,ba abc : abc,acb,bac,bca,cba,cab abcd... Simply , run through a list of data structures and try to apply each one. It could be expensive to keep elements sorted in array .

For Example , Question : Numbers are randomly generated and stored into an (expanding) array. We will keep this option on hold and return to it if it’s needed. Binary tree : It can be a viable option, since binary trees do fairly well with ordering.


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