Problems Solving Strategies

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They see around, beneath and beyond the problem itself. The most effective leaders approach problems through a lens of opportunity.

Leaders who lack this wisdom approach problems with linear vision – thus only seeing the problem that lies directly in front of them and blocking the possibilities that lie within the problem.

Customer service requires pervasive application of strategic problem solving.

In this context, problem solving often means dealing with complaints, and a strategic plan for handling an upset client is more helpful than simply winging it.

Small business can benefit greatly from applying big business procedural manuals to their day-to-day operations; of course, small business entrepreneurs and their staff often encounter “firsts,” problems the company has not encountered before.

A company problem-solving journal that details every problem, the attempted solution and the final outcome is a vital tool, and it can serve as a basis for future training material.

He also has a professional background in the information-technology industry as a support technician.

Much of Mueller's writing has focused on the subjects of business and economics.

As such, they never see the totality of what the problem represents; that it can actually serve as an enabler to improve existing best practices, protocols and standard operating procedures for growing and competing in the marketplace.

They never realize that, in the end, all problems are the same – just packaged differently.


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