Psychology As Essay Competition

Will you still save energy when your income suddenly goes up?

I am not suggesting that fun challenges or competitions are not useful for raising awareness and achieving short-term goals.

The ten best essays, as select­ed by the jury of the host blogs, will be post­ed on the host blogs and entered into blog car­ni­vals. If so, get those key­boards warmed up and send us your best!

The win­ners will gain recog­ni­tion in the blo­go­phere and get a com­pli­men­ta­ry annu­al sub­scrip­tion to Tuition­Coach, a per­son­al­ized, inter­net-based pro­gram that de-mys­ti­fies the col­lege finan­cial aid process for stu­dents and their fam­i­lies and helps fam­i­lies find the best options to finance col­lege choic­es. Here you have some use­ful advice from a fel­low blog­ger.

For example, an interesting recent study showed that people’s body temperature goes up when they are acting “green” (a literal warm-glow! Unfortunately, lots of psychological research has also shown that external incentives “crowd out” (i.e., undermine) people’s intrinsic motivation to do good.

For example, highlighting the monetary benefits of saving energy actually makes people less likely to do so.

In fact, when you look closely, you’ll notice that competition is everywhere in modern society.

Economists tell us that competition is an essential force in maintaining productive and efficient markets (i.e., without basic competition between firms, evil monopolies will form).

Indeed, humans not only survived by competing but perhaps more importantly, we survived by cooperating with one another. I would link to Jordan Person explaining why games and competition are fundamental to human development and cooperation, but this comment box won't let me.. Well you don't bring a basketball to a hockey game.." Let's play better games together.

In the words of Bertrand Russell, “the only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation." It's time we start doing the right thing, for the right reasons.


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