Pyrolysis Of Biomass Thesis

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All the products now obtained from oil can be provided by thermal conversion of the solid fuels biomass and coal.

As a feedstock, biomass has many advantages over coal and has the potential to supply up to 20% of US energy by the year 2000 and significant amounts of energy for other countries.

In the fermentation process, organic materials are used to produce alcohol, with the help of yeast, to generate power in automobiles.

Anaerobic decomposition is the process of producing biogas, and generates electricity.

The increase in availability and technological developments of recent years allow the use of biomass as a renewable energy source with low levels of emissions and environmental impacts.

Pyrolysis Of Biomass Thesis Ideas For A Descriptive Essay

Biomass energy can be in the forms of biogas, bio-liquid, and bio-solid fuels.

Oxygen gasification yields a gas with higher energy content that can be used in pipelines or to fire turbines.

In addition, this gas can be used for producing methanol, ammonia, or gasoline by indirect liquefaction.

Biomass is a promising sustainable and renewable energy source, due to its high diversity of sources, and as it is profusely obtainable everywhere in the world.

It is the third most important fuel source used to generate electricity and for thermal applications, as 50% of the global population depends on biomass.


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