Qualities Of A Good School Supervisor

Qualities Of A Good School Supervisor-78
Often, the power of school leaders is vested in their capacity to persuade and influence, rather than to direct.

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Many will echo these characteristics, many will emphasise different aspects and some will add their own characteristics.

But this list – plus Sir David’s additions – seems to offer a set of core qualities.

“You have got to build collaboration and get people to work together.” Finally, Sir David identifies a sense of moral purpose.

While this may be of most significance in disadvantaged areas, the desire to get the best for all children is something every principal should possess.

Although this list was drawn up with particular reference to schools in difficult circumstances, they appear to readily translate into different contexts.

What is particularly heartening is that there is also considerable overlap with qualities of leadership identified by one of England’s most respected school principals.

I reported earlier this month on a study by experts at the Institute of Education (Io E) in London into the turnaround of schools in one of the city’s poorest boroughs, from the worst performing in England to among the best in the world.

Not surprisingly, the researchers identified the quality of leadership as one of the key factors driving the transformation, in line with many previous studies into school improvement, such as Kenneth Leithwood and Karen Seashore-Louis’ influential 2011 Linking Leadership to Student Learning.

Adequate work experience is often necessary to perform a supervisory role in any field.

However, hiring someone to fill a retail supervisor position requires more than experience— candidates should also possess strong interpersonal skills.


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