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The project manager should also ensure that the project must comply with Organizational process assets and Enterprise Environmental Factors.

The project manager must also plan the project so that it meets customers quality standards.

The project manager then needs to determine what work is required to meet those standards created for the project.

Determination of specific measurements that will be made each week, each month, or for each deliverable should be made to ensure compliance with all standards.

The concepts of cost of poor quality, prevention over inspection and zero defects were also popularized by him.

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Joseph Juran: Joseph Juran defined quality as fitness for use and advocated the involvement of top management to address quality issues. QUALITY RELATED PMI facts PREVENTION OVER INSPECTION Quality must be planned in and not inspected. MARGINAL ANALYSIS The point where the benefits (revenue) that are to be received from improving quality equals the incremental cost to achieve that quality is termed as Marginal Analysis.Quality standards may be hard to create because it is subjective to customer perceptions. “If line employees are required to work on quality improvement activities, their productivity will suffer.Discuss Quality improvement and productivity do work inversely of each other.This translates to higher productivity because time isn’t used reworking product already worked on. The different tabs and links are labeled clear enough for anyone to navigate and get help when I need it, or if I wanted to transfer money I could do that easily as well.The only negative is that there are too many screens that the user must navigate through to do the transfers.Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): OSHA set standards for safety of workers in a plant.Contracts for International Sale of Goods (CISG): The CISG standard governs international sales transactions.It is important to note that the level of quality efforts should be appropriate to the needs of the project.Quality must be balanced with other project constraints.A project cannot achieve quality if all of the stated and unstated requirements are defined in the project scope statement.DEFINITION OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT "The process of creating and following policies and procedures to ensure that a project meets the defined needs it was intended to meet from the customers perspective is termed as Quality Management.” QUALITY THEORISTS A few important quality theorists include: Philip Crosby: Phil Crosby propagated that quality is conformance to requirements.


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