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From that information, derive a formula for the skills and traits you plan to incorporate into the business operation.A business plan is important because it summarizes both your vision for the company and your blueprint for the company’s operating success. No one else knows your business idea and goals better.If your monthly cash flow projections indicate frequent cash shortfalls, you should review the type of products and services that you offer, the mix of sales, the pricing and terms of the sale, and your short-term borrowing needs.

Each item on your proposed budget sheet should be researched.

Closely estimated costs can be obtained from utility companies, trade associations, and networking with other business people who may have already gone through this experience.

Research of successful entrepreneurs has documented that successful small business people have certain common characteristics.

This checklist cannot predict success, but it can give you an idea of whether you will have a head start or a handicap with which to work. Ask yourself these questions: While not every successful business owner starts with a “yes” answer to all these questions, three or four “no” responses and undecided answers should make you think twice about going at it alone right now. Seek extra training and support, and enlist the help from a skilled team of business advisors such as accountants, bankers, attorneys and SCORE counselors.

The cash flow projection is an important management tool and must be developed with very realistic expectations.

Sufficient cash is critical for a business to pay its expenses and to enable it to expand.Although there’s no set format, a good business plan typically includes: The fact that a bank or lending institution requires a well-executed business plan is a secondary consideration.The primary purpose of the business plan is to guide the owner or manager in successfully operating the business.The business plan is a vital management tool that enables the manager to anticipate situations before they become problemsor worse yet, emergencies.It is wise to find out what startup costs you will incur before starting the business.Many a budding entrepreneur takes his or her life savings, or will borrow on the equity on their home before figuring these financial factors, only to find that they don’t have enough money.There are many web sites and other resources (including SCORE offices and Business Information Centers) that provide guidelines and worksheets to help determine costs for your business.They are: You should have a basic understanding of each of these statements.When compared with statements from prior periods, you can determine whether something is happening in your business that needs your special attention.Preparing the plan forces the writer to consider all aspects of the business and to confront any problems the plan highlights.For example, a monthly compilation of all known costs, over time, will indicate the revenue necessary to support these costs, plus a profit.


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