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Example: “If writing is a tool, then it is part of the Cartesian dualistic reality in which we all continue to live.A tool can be put aside; language cannot.” “If writing is a tool, then it is part of the Cartesian dualistic reality in which we all continue to live. palpable object that one can store in the garage and retrieve as necessary” (Welch 1999, 145).Definition: The use of a direct quotation of considerable length requires that the text be “blocked” or set apart from the rest of the text.

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Benefit of using this strategy: Removing a section from the middle of a quotation allows you to include the best and most pertinent part of the quotation in your essay.

Challenge of using this strategy: The point where a quotation is stopped and restarted should make a smooth connection so that the quote is clear for your reader.

If you have questions about integrating outside sources in your writing you have a number of options. Second, consider visiting Trinity University’s Writing Center to receive assistance.

As always, review the citation style guide you are using to see more examples of these integration strategies.

Challenge of using this strategy: Essays with many examples of direct quoting are often thought of as being “choppy” or “lacking flow.” The reason for this is that the words and ways of using language of so many others have been included in a a single text.

Therefore, direct quotation should be used in concert with other integration strategies.

Challenge of using this strategy: An overdependence on block quotation may suggest that (1) the essay is being padded for length; (2) writers using block quotations are not exhibiting their critical thinking and writing as much as they are collecting the thoughts of other writers; or (3) the writer should consider paraphrase as a way to communicate the same idea with less dependence on direct quotation.

Definition: The use of information from a source that has been reinterpreted and rewritten in the words, structure, and context of a different author.

As writers use facts, ideas, and quotations from the writing of others, they must integrate these into and within their own ideas.

While it is important to cite your sources, it is also important that you integrate the information itself into your writing in an appropriate manner.


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