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But, individuals don’t get to define their racial identity.In the United States, race has been so important regarding constructing an identity that to be an American, early on, really meant to be (White) of Caucasian descent.

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Sashleen Padayachie Explaining the argument that race is not a biological attribute but a socially constructed one.

Student number : 1854933 In this essay I will be explaining the argument that race is not a biological attribute but a socially constructed identity that is open to political contestation.

However this wasn’t the case, the concept of race was created so that exclusion of certain people would come into play in other words race was used to justify the concept of inequality.

They used the differences of races as a calling towards what nature did and what was natural which is what created the idea that race is a biological attribute (Erasmus 2008, 173) Race became a form of evidence towards the justification of inequality.

”Race always has mattered in the United States as both social and individual.

The social construction of race has been developed within various legal, economic, political, cultural and sociopolitical contexts, and may be the effect rather than the cause of the main race-related issues that our society faces today.Used to rise and attain the confidence of black people itself which was important if they were going to rise politically. Black people started learning to not believe in the false promises that white people had made to them. Some states declared if you have one drop of Black blood you are entirely Black.The social construction of “race” in the United States was constructed by the power to help create dichotomies between Whites and Blacks to show some form of inferiority and superiority.A social construct does not have a basis in the natural world but an artificial distinction created by human beings to show some dominance. The Jim Crow law between 1877 and the mid 60’s shows that Blacks and Whites were to be separated not equal.To jump ahead, the Naturalization Act of 1790 limited U. The construction of race in the United States has not been a Whites vs. The Anti-Irish sentiment or hibernophobia included racism, oppression, bigotry, persecution, and discrimination.Steve Biko argues that the concept of race is what introduced the beginning of racism and when we look at people through the eyes of race this is when racism is being practised. Johannesburg: Heinemann Educational Publishers, 1979. The white man is superior and this is what makes black people want to become like what people. We are often made to believe that we are not living in a post-racial society with valuable historical links.We sometimes stay away from the topic because we get very sensitive when it is brought up or even discussed.


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