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He appears to loathe human nature, and sees human struggles as pitiful and repugnant.Though he displays rare generosity and pity towards certain individuals throughout the story, he does so from an alienated and derisive stance.As a result, I developed a mindset that doomed any sort of emotional display as a contemptible sign of weakness and immaturity.

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Although his overall mental instability and absurd decision making drove me mad while reading this novel, I was disturbed to find myself concerned about the main character’s fate.

His constant alienation from society caused me pain, and made me think about my own form of alienation that I had undergone, by denouncing my own feelings on a regular basis.

At some point in the novel, Raskolnikov actually expresses the idea that humans are separated in two categories: the “ordinary” and the “extraordinary”.

According to that theory, when an individual such as Napoleon—the primary example he refers to as an “extraordinary” person —is working towards a higher cause, laws that apply to other people, do not apply to him/her.

Raskolnikov however, does not manage to stay composed following his crime.

Intense anguish and an overwhelming feeling of guilt slowly catch up with him, to the point where he is forced to confess, in order to relieve himself from the torment that is afflicted on him by his own conscience.

At first, Rodia is argumentative, mocking Sonya’s childlike faith. ' Raskalnikov thinks to, but yet Rodia is still drawn to Sonya’s strength.

At last, Raskalnikov begins to realize that he is not alone, and it is because of this realization that the great sinner began to confess to Sonya. ' Sonya tells Raskalnikov to bow down at a crossroads, kiss the earth that Rodia had offended and say aloud '‘I have killed!

Sonya’s knowledge that God alone gives one worth allows Sonya to love others unconditionally, including Raskalnikov.

Sonya also helps Raskolnikov to get rid of suffering from guilt.


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