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To determine your market segmentation, ask yourself these questions: Write a two- to three-sentence statement for your real estate business plan that establishes your exact market segmentation.

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Download the free real estate business plan template below: To write an effective real estate business plan, research and assess your market, create an executive summary, write your mission statement, define your goals, plan for expenses, and create your marketing.

These elements will provide the clarity and direction you need to become profitable.

Choose these ZIP codes based on where you would like to live and where you would enjoy working.

They do not have to be contiguous or adjacent, but it’s recommended that you choose ZIP codes in one general area to ensure you have ample opportunity to grow your business.

The largest growth market in New Orleans is among married couples with school-aged children earning an income of $250,000 per year.

This is largely due to the increase in technology jobs following the opening of XYZ company.Finally, complete a comparative market analysis (CMA).The market overview is a collection of historical and current data about the housing market that can be used to predict future sales.To help you determine your target audience and farm area, select the ZIP codes you would like to work in, and then research public record data on home value increases and decreases in this area, as well as the number of homes that have been taken off the market, and the number of homes that have been bought or sold.Begin by choosing three to five ZIP codes on which you would like to focus.This is a critical first step in writing your business plan as it determines both opportunity and potential challenges to business success.To complete a market assessment, draft a market overview, define your target audience within the market, and research competition.Bold Leads saves agents and brokers time and stress by filling their sales funnel with exclusive, zip code-specific leads.Click here to find out if your farm area is available.To market to a brokerage’s target audience effectively, brokers must first outline all demographic information of that audience.To do so, consider the age, income, education, marital status, family status, and employment of the residents in your desired farm area.


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