Religious Thesis

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The Embodiment of Affirmation: Shiva in Tulsidas’ Ramacaritamanas as a Symbol of Sectarian Unity Dustin Hall – 2019 The Red Line Republic: Ritual, Symbolism, Space, and Repression in Ba’athist Iraq Megan Mc Daniel – 2018 Weapons of Science and Piety: Islamic and Muslim Environmentalism in the Muridiyya of Senegal Aya Cockram – 2018 Southern Crescent: Muslim Youth in the American South Robert M.

Hartley – 2017 Heels, Hair, and Holiness Dress: Modesty and Fashion among the Women of the United Pentecostal Church Megan Geiger – 2016 Steps to an Ecology of Religions: Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in the Cognitive Science of Religion John Balch – 2015 Spiritual Seeking: A Post-Structural Ethnographic Study Caroline Reed – 2015 Is Spaghetti Vedic?

Are there issues that are troubling, that is, not easily resolved? At this point write down your ideas without worrying about style or conclusions. A good essay will address one (and only one) precisely defined issue, main point, or question.

This is just to get the ideas and associations flowing, as you try to identify what it is you may wish to write. What question will you address in your paper, or, what one main point would you like to make?

Brian Acosta: The "Ground Zero Mosque" and Islamophobia in the U. since 9/11 Sofia Dawson: Paradoxes of Gender and Power in the Evangelical Purity Movement Emma Thompson: Nation of Islam Cosmology and Politics in , 1960-1975 Leda Zakarison: Young Muslims in the U. Bush's Faith on the Development of the War on Terror"Kate Potter (Double Major-Geology)Thesis: "Two Servants of God: An Analysis of Religious Discourse in Non-Violent Movements During the Struggle for Indian Autonomy"Evan Randall Thesis: "Steeped in Spirituality: An Exploration of Religious Appropriation, Societal Perception, and their Role in Tea Marketing in the U.

Weston Thesis: “Bootstraps or Greenbacks: The Media’s Inaccurate Portrayal of Televangelists” David Burge Thesis: "The Power of Christ Compels You: Exorcism, Mental Illness and Faith Healing in Comparative Catholic Traditions" Lindsey Chadwick (double major with Math) Thesis: “Veganism and/with/as a Religion” Erica Greenberg Thesis: “The Marketing of Religion in America” Josh Karp Thesis: “The Role of Music in the African American Baptist Church” Caitlin Mc Dermott Thesis: “Mormon Women: Why is their Highest Goal Only Motherhood?Your thesis/argument should show some specific insight and not be self-evident.Put another way, the thesis should not consist of something almost everyone knows.” Pepa Paniagua (IPM–Religion & Gender Studies)Thesis: "Gender in the Presbyterian Church: Practice or Just Preaching?An Examination Into the Construction of Gender in Presbyterian Hymnals" Matthew Maynard Thesis: “Teaching About Religion in the Public Schools” Thomas Nagy Thesis: “St.This grabs your reader’s attention, makes it immediately clear to your reader the main point you wish to communicate in your writing, and sets the tone for the rest of the paper.(As you write your paper, you may need to revise your first paragraph because the process of writing itself may bring new ideas to mind.They were written individually by two faculty members, but both pieces reflect the basic approach of the religious studies faculty. The paper should show that you are able to synthesize material (able to bring different ideas and readings together) and that you are learning analytical skills from the field of the study of religion (able to make comparisons and critical distinctions).Being able to write a paper that makes a point is a valuable skill. Focus attention on the readings and the class discussions. Reread any weekly assignment papers that you have already written.A paper that simply states that you feel this way or that way does not have a thesis.To test the validity of your thesis, consider possible counter-evidence and objections to your thesis and respond to them in advance.


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