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But Harjo’s poem also displays a gritty realism, a keen poetic eye, and an encompassing sympathy for all her characters, from the “escapees from the night shift” to the mother contemplating suicide in her car.“A Map to the Next World” Many of Harjo’s poems take the creation story as their basic frame.In a previous Harjo poem, the world begins and ends at the kitchen table (“Perhaps the World Ends Here”) and in another, September 11th ends one world and creates a new existence (“When the World as We Knew It Ended”).

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“The map can be interpreted through the wall of the intestine,” she writes, “a spiral on the road of knowledge.”“Ah, Ah” For Harjo, a saxophonist and vocalist, music provides not only a means of structuring poems but also a way to access something beyond words, to connect with the “worlds below us and above us.” This poem from 2002 uses sound to make space for the body.

Recounting her experiences rowing dugout canoes in Hawaii, Harjo imitates the rhythmic pull of the oars with an onomatopoetic refrain, a sigh that suggests both exertion and relief.“Everybody Has a Heartache (a blues)” Harjo channels Walt Whitman in this poem from (2015), forging a collective “we” through a distinctly American musical structure.

He earned an MFA in poetry from the University of Alabama and is currently a visiting assistant professor of English at Macalester College in St.

— Over the last, distressing two weeks, it’s been an unexpected jolt of joy to remember that our current U. If Washington is a swamp, Harjo’s appointment is like chancing upon a field of marsh marigold; it’s an encouraging reminder that not everything in our capital needs to be drained.

The collection’s incantatory title poem is a feminist masterpiece, pairing surrealist imagery and searing autobiographical snapshots.

Read aloud, the poem is at once testimony and prayer, its chant-like repetition allowing the multiple (and sometimes contradictory) selves Harjo describes to exist simultaneously.“My House is the Red Earth” As a multi-genre, multimedia artist, Harjo has often crossed aesthetic boundaries and defied easy classification.

“My House” comes from the exemplary (1989), which pairs her writing with Stephen Strom’s photographs of the Four Corners area.

Drawing on Strom’s visuals, Native American folklore, and geologic history, this sly prose poem nudges us to question if there’s anything really central about our human existence on Earth.“Grace” Harjo combines the mundane with the mythic—truck stops with “imaginary buffalo”—in the opening poem from Addressed to Darlene Wind, a fellow graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, the poem looks back on their wild days in the Midwest, casting them as trickster figures who “clowned” their way through the “terror” of being some of the first Native writers admitted to the famed MFA program.

The following small sampling serves as a brief introduction to her wide range of poetry.

“She Had Some Horses” Harjo may still be best known for her landmark book (1983), whose powerful explorations of Native American womanhood have been widely praised and anthologized.


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