Res 351 Business Research Ethics Paper

Res 351 Business Research Ethics Paper-39
An online survey has been administered to scholars in business ethics that have previously participated in a Delphi survey.

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” This research process, although generally ignored by business ethics researchers, has a proven track record in forecasting significant developments in the future, establishing policies and strategic planning, and as a decision-making tool for evaluating business models or concrete business actions [].

To reinforce and complete these contributions and transfer them to business ethics, an online survey on Delphi methods applied to business ethics has been administered to 21 scholars from nine countries (USA, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Colombia, and Australia) between January and February 2015 and March-June 2016.

The aim is therefore to contribute to knowledge in business ethics, both by accepting a new process to resolve, predict or evaluate ethical businesses aspects, and as a tool to improve ethical decision-making.

The paper is structured as follows: We first describe the literature on the use of the Delphi method not only in the business area, but also in business ethics, where the Delphi method can be classified into three groups, namely, Forecast, Decision and Policy.

The research will be based on a literature review of Delphi surveys in the field of business ethics.

Accordingly, we have set out to answer the following research question: “Is the Delphi method valid for resolving business ethics problems?

The opinions of Goldschmidt and Turoff have been taken into account for the pre-test on the survey involving the Delphi method questionnaire, along with those of other practitioners.

Their expertise involves both practical and theoretical matters.

We also provide an overview of the Delphi method’s characteristics.

We then present our data-gathering and analysis procedures, as well as a discussion of our results.


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