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And the concept of animal rights has emerged as a specific, mainly western way of developing ethics to be applied to animals.A large part of western thought is based on ancient Greek philosophy.Zoology involves more than just working with animals.

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“Animal rights” is principally a modern, western consideration.

In 1894, Henry Salt published Animals’ Rights Considered in Relation to Social Progress, an essay that was one of the first attempts to define animal ethics in terms of rights.

According to Salt, animal rights form a parallel with human rights: if human beings have rights, there is no reason why animals should not have rights too, as they possess a form of individuality and a certain level of autonomy.

The best known is probably Florence Barkers’ International Animal’s Charter in 1953.

In the 1960s, the Oxford Group (including Ruth Harrison, Brigid Brophy, Roslind and Stanley Godlovitch, John Harris, and David Wood) drew attention to the need for humans to define clearer rights for animals so as to change the historical relationship of exploitation and mistreatment of (nonhuman) animals by human beings.As a Kantian concept, it assumes that general principles (rights) should be granted to animals in order to define the relationship between humans and animals.The arguments of Tom Regan and Gary Francione are based on a radical (abolitionist) approach to animal rights, but their scope is limited to the most intelligent animals (vertebrates and mammals).The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights adopted a broader approach, including all animal groups with their specific features in a biologically balanced context.A number of questions are still unanswered; the position for a gradualist view of animals and animal rights, and therefore the connection between human rights and animal rights.The Great Ape Project advocates that apes be granted certain rights traditionally reserved for humans, thus focusing attention on the need for a gradualist approach.The concept of “animal rights” is relatively modern.People may be aware of certain actions that take place such as testing and experiments.Yet, people may not understand their purpose or why they are conducted.Salt’s book, which was not published in France until 1914, no doubt influenced André Géraud who chose to follow the reasoning of the 1789 Declaration of Human Rights.In 1924, he called for a Declaration of Animal Rights, claiming that as all living creatures are equal in the face of happiness and suffering, then all are born free and equal in rights.


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