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However, what most people do not realize is that farms are still agriculture and agriculture is necessary for the production of crops, meat, and other nutrients necessary to survive....

[tags: Sustainable Agriculture, Animal Abuse] - The United States harvests over 80 million acres of corn each year, or $63.9 billion worth. Even more surprising is that almost 40% of this corn is used to feed US cattle.1 But cows eat grass, don’t they.

Anders Nordgren claims in his article printed by the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, “…since livestock production is an important contributing factor to climate change, we should undertake mitigation measures […

] However, technological solutions do not seem sufficient in the livestock sector, leaving us with the option of reduced meat production and consumption.” (Nordgren, August 2012.) Harmful gases, such as methane, are being released because of irresponsible disposal of manure....

Supporters agree that large scale Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) are the best way to supply the demand of the people.

David Holcomb, a poultry farmer himself, says “We feed the nation....Many of today’s farms are in an industrial factory rather than a nice green pasture.These farms are looking to maximize profits and produce high quantities of food, which could potentially be a good thing, in some certain cases, but not in this one.A large amount of today’s population is found living in the middle to lower class, creating complications when trying to support family’s with insufficient funds....[tags: Stop Factory Farms] - In addition to health and safety concerns, factory farms are also imposing a threat to the environment.According to NPR, in 20 milk prices were at an all-time high.However, as the economic situation in the country worsened, the demand for dairy products decreased and raw milk prices were set to reach the lowest they've been since 1978.Now many dairy farmers are losing more money than they can make on milk sales, and some farmers are resorting to bankruptcy or selling their herds....[tags: Economics] - Industrial farm pollution is becoming a large problem, which is why our country should result to organic farming.Weltevreden (47 isolates) from 10 samples (from extensive and intensive farms) and S. The fingerprinting (PFGE analysis) revealed high similarity suggesting clonal relationship and illustrating high dissemination of S....[tags: shrimp, resistance, pathogenic] - The recent economic downturn has made business especially difficult for dairy farmers in Utah and elsewhere.


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