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This includes specifying areas of concentration by subject field and national output, as well as mapping how the various fields are grouped and connected according to the cognitive links provided by citations.

search for the phrase “sustainable development goal(s)” occurring in the title, abstract, or keywords of an article; this produced some 2,800 “core” papers.

Consisting of 17 broad objectives, the goals are expressly intended to eliminate poverty, fight inequality, and confront climate change.

In the words of UN Secretary-General António Guterres, “This global shared plan aims to transform the world in fifteen years and, crucially, to build lives of dignity for all.” The goals themselves are stated with a direct simplicity – e.g., “End poverty in all its forms everywhere” – that clashes with the scale and complexity of the challenges involved.

How could the academic progress in sustainable development be translated into a workable plan for action through a dialogue between scholars and stakeholders?

This Conference would like to create such an exchange opportunity among conference attendees, decision makers, policymakers, and the private sector.The academic event aims to illustrate the significant gap between resource demand and supply and its serious concequences in future if society fails to figure out and in addition, carry on an effective way of using all the resources sustainably.Moreover, the organizers want to bring together the enthusiastic scientific experts, scholars as well as practioners from all over the world to share their most recent research findings, practical experiences and unique insights, to provide a global platform for promoting and strengthening the scientific and practical collaborations around the world and to develop a conference programme that reflects the diversity within the research of strategies and solutions to sustaining the resources for the future.It explores the complexities, risks, opportunities and uncertainties entailed in decision-making and governance of large-scale infrastructure plans, programmes and projects, the lessons they offer for the future, and their potential to promote and deliver more sustainable development.The journal comprises 3 parts: Part One containing articles on Theories and Applied Research in Mega Infrastructure Development.Several core themes and tracks will be addressed during the Conference, like education for sustainability.For more information about the event you can visit this website. Should you wish to submit one please do so by 30 November 2018.New research on environmental sustainability from Harvard Business School faculty on issues including the role of companies to mitigate climate change, corporate social responsibility, reporting to stakeholders, government relations and development of Chief Sustainability Officers.Can inclusivity, sustainability, and better governance boost economies?5 October 2018 - Nanjing University (China), a member institution of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), is organizing the 25th International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference that will be held from 25 - 28 June 2019 in Nanjing, China with the theme "Sustaing Resources for the Future".The Conference will explore the fundamental question of how to sustain current development without stripping the resources that the future needs, including biological and mineral resources as well as a well-functioning ecosystem.


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