Research Proposal On Childhood Obesity

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The media, parents/caregivers, and schools are major influences which are, to some extent, responsible for this astounding inclination of obesity among children.

Though parents should not allow the television to become their babysitter, some often do.

If both parents work, it is often difficult to plan a well balanced diet for the child.

Therefore, they may resort to cooking microwave dinners and buying unhealthy snacks for their child.Childhood obesity is a serious health and societal issue.Rising at extreme rates, one may call it an epidemic.Over the last fifteen years, obesity in children has increased fifty percent.While the cause of this is equivocal, and heredity may play a role, there are some contributing factors. My plan is to do a lot of research on the facts about obesity in general and then narrowing it down to children.I would like to find the difference between obesity in adults and in children.Childhood obesity increases incidences of mortality later in life, causes asthma and type II diabetes, which was only found in adults.With these ill effects, childhood obesity is an issue that should not be taken lightly.Parents have a major influence on the well-being of their child.They can contribute to the possibility of obesity affecting their child by cooking and buying unhealthy food and permitting too much time watching television.


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