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This proposal came two weeks before the legislature was to approve the undertaking of the Jones Wood estate and led to a “three year battle over whether, where, and at whose expense New York would create its grand public park(Rosenzweig and Blackmar 43).” A “central park” would offer economic as well as cultural advantages over the one sided Jones Wood estate.Dean and Shaw proposed the area between Fifth and Eighth Avenues and from 58th to 106th as the perfect place for this park.“In 1853, the New York State legislature authorized two large parks in New York City.

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Located between the 59th and 110th street and Fifth and Eighth Avenues, it is 0.5 miles wide and 2.5 miles long.

The park consists of a zoo, two-skating rinks, extensive walking tracks, a wildlife sanctuary and a number of other landmarks.

The park’s was located at one end of the city and its accessibility would be tough from all corners of the city.

Secondly, few people were of the opinion that the building of the park should be financed by the adjacent landowners.


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