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Although, the author has also portrayed Emily as a strong woman who has the courage to live life according to her own terms and conditions but at the same time she also has a strong desire to overpower others and control them which is the reason that she resorts to kill Homer so as to establish complete control over him.

The narrator has showcased Emily as a woman who lacks stability.

It can be said that she has been looked upon as the classic outsider and controlling woman by the author.

The author has viewed Emily as a woman whose mind inhabits dusty and dark imagination.

She rarely spoke to anyone and after having been given freedom from her taxes by the Mayor, refused to pay said taxes for the rest of her life, regardless of the persistent prodding of the elders in the town (A Rose for Emily, 1930).

The characters in the story “A Rose for Emily” are well-drawn and easy to relate to, although Faulkner’s description of Miss Emily is really the only solid picture given.

Emily lived in the town of Jefferson all of her life, where the people of the township assumed she was a snob, one of the stuck-up elite, when they truly did not know the woman at all.

Notwithstanding her money, she spent the majority of her life hidden away from society – of her own volition.

He has opined of her to be a traditional monument in herself who is steadfastly staying in the community despite the evolution and the changes that her community has been witnessing at a continual pace (Faulkner, 1958).

She has two sides to her aura where the people wish to respect her due to her being the living tradition to the past while the people also consider her as a burden since she is completely aloof from the rest of the world with certain peculiarities in her character that the other people find it hard to understand.


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