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The student must then analyze and immediately craft an appropriate argument that answers the prompt.

This essay is different than the synthesis essay in that there is only one prompt that the student must analyze; however, the passage is much longer than the smaller sources found in the synthesis essay.

The AP English Language exam contains three essays, two of which are the argument essays.

The argument essays come with a prompt that contains a passage.

An example of knowledge used in an AP English Language argumentative essay is Student 1A that was referenced above.

Student 1A does a great job implementing his or her knowledge by saying the following: Coincidentally personal growth also plays a large role in the perceived quality of life.This is effective, showing why he or she received an 8.Supporting details and logical arguments are a key point in the AP English Language argument essay rubric, because lending more support to your argument allows the examiners to buy into that argument.The largest motivator behind going or not going to college seems to be money.It is commonly accepted that a college education results in better financial situations later in life.You are given a passage and a prompt at the start of the argument essay that you as the writer must adhere to.Do not attempt to go off-topic, because the highest score that an off-topic argument essay can earn on the rubric is a 1.In order to succeed on the AP English Language argument essay the student must support his or her argument proficiently.This can be done by referencing the passage, adding his or her experiences, utilizing logic, and maintaining readable grammar and mechanics.When the examiners see your point so nicely developed, then you will jump up to higher scores such as 7s, 8s, or 9s depending on how much support there is and your eloquence.Student 1A is an example of utilizing logic to support his or her argument.


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