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The writer didn’t care about his home being clean or even the state of his home in general.“The house came to miss the shouting voices, the threats, the half-apologizes, noisy relocations, the sobbing that followed”.The writer Is gang Into the mental Instability, he Is not fighting It anymore, and he’s letting It take over.

The writer didn’t care about his home being clean or even the state of his home in general.

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The second stanza tells of slamming doors, angry feet, and slamming dishes.

This portrays the behavior of a schizophrenic person. This Is a symptom called “catatonia” CITATION Psych 1033 (Psych Central), which Is when the subject moves excessively and has violent behavior.

Moni is not the only member of the family with mental illness.

Two of my father’s four brothers suffered from various unravellings of the mind.

The last two lines are in my opinion, the strongest, “the neighbors said it was a madhouse, it was the house that suffered most”.

the winter of 2012, I travelled from New Delhi, where I grew up, to Calcutta to visit my cousin Moni.

He has visited the institution in Calcutta twice—once without warning, hoping to see a transformed Moni, living a secretly normal life behind the barred gates.

But there was more than just avuncular love at stake for him in these visits.

These lines signify the borders being drawn, the mind splitting up into two.

Each part of the mind is choosing its side and staying there.


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