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The main part of each of these Essays has been printed at various times during the last ten years.

Some of them are now accessible only with difficulty.

, even though scientists would articulate the notion differently from Donald Rumsfeld.

The methodology of science is to investigate the known unknowns, striving to reduce uncertainty, but occasionally the unexpected happens and the scientist enters the realm of unknown unknowns.

Since they are scattered through various publications and since they represent, in fact, the continuous development of a single line of thought, it has seemed advisable to collect them together.

All the Essays except the first are considerably modified from the form in which they originally appeared.

The history of that process, when it can be written in proper perspective, should provide an absorbing theme.

For the development of this theme we are far better placed than for the study of the Ionian rationalization.

Instead, an increasing amount of evidence indicates, perhaps surprisingly, that such phospholipid bilayer-mediated diffusion is in fact negligible in intact cells... The biological and biomedical sciences, the geosciences, medicine and psychology, among others, have all been moving towards a molecular description and understanding of the phenomena they study ... An interview with Victor Snieckus Victor Snieckus, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, is talking about the biggest challenges in organic chemistry in the next ten years.

Each of us is an integral part of a society and we cannot exist without politics.


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