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Nevertheless, some intellectuals remain loyalists to Einstein’s view.During a recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Eric Weinstein argued that we haven’t discovered fundamental uncertainty at the quantum level; we’ve only discovered meaningless answers to bad questions.A Fundamental Clash The great political economists held that our trials and our triumphs are our own responsibility Biology lends itself to determinism.

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Biology has been a great source of tension in intellectual spaces for a long time now, and this doesn’t seem due to change anytime soon.

More often than not, biology seems to be the lynchpin upon which the fiercest disputes among intellectuals turn. Sam Harris recently interviewed author Jarred Diamond on his podcast.

We place ever-greater faith in the decisions of individuals.

We have rejected a world in which decision is the providence of the few.

He believed everything in the universe to be pre-determined, including the result of a coin toss, and the roll of a die.

Einstein and his contemporary Niels Bohr engaged in a public scholarly rivalry over their differing interpretations of quantum mechanics. Einstein thought that we were yet to derive the formulation that provides us with certainty.What could possibly be wrong with trying to verify the exact impact that a particular DNA strand will have on a person’s future and with other similar lines of inquiry?Many—if not the majority of—intellectuals do indeed believe that there’s something wrong with this, because they understand the profundity of the philosophical and cultural revolution that has occurred. We no longer suppose that a God or forces beyond our control are dictating who will rule a country, who will till a field, who will serve tea, who will live and who will die.Diamond offers a comprehensive overview of the mechanisms by which ecology and geography have provided people in some parts of the world, particularly Europe, with an unfair advantage.And yet, this has hardly endeared Diamond to the academic enemies of biological determinism.Bohr asserted that we could not know the position and velocity of a sub-atomic particle simultaneously with any certainty. Today, most professional physicists believe that processes at the sub-atomic scale don’t always occur in a definite, linked sequence of cause and effect events.The future cannot be precisely known or determined from the present.And feel free to alter the essay topics below to suit your needs and the abilities of your learners. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.We have accepted that we don’t know where everyone should live, what they should study, and how they should dress, and so we leave it up to them.It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many intellectuals dislike the idea that biology plays a determinative role in human affairs. They contend that applying scientific knowledge and understanding to a broad array of social issues (a process they call “scientism”) also erodes our agency.


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