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Interestingly enough, self-esteem doesn’t have much connection with actual talent or ability. Self-esteem synonyms: The development of self-esteem across a lifespan greatly depends on the experiences in a person’s life.Someone who is talented in a particular topic may still have poor self-esteem, while someone who is struggling terribly can have good self-esteem. In early childhood, our parents/guardians are considered the main source of positive or negative experiences and as such make the biggest impact.

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Test if the messages are overly illogical, catastrophic, unrealistic, or too judgmental and halt these thoughts.

Here’s an example: “He is not saying anything, he is ignoring me” and be objective “He is quiet but I don’t know why, maybe I should ask”.

These ways don’t have to be grand, they can be simple comforts such as enjoying a morning cup of coffee, listening to your favorite song, taking time to relax, or even celebrating what you already have and not always focusing on the past or future (i.e. A step further would be to discover and pursue some of your passions.

Have a think about the activities you truly enjoy and spark your creative spirit.

Experiences that reinforce negative self-esteem include: constant criticism, rejection, pestering, very high expectations, and/or being emotionally, physically or sexually abused.

The creation of our self-esteem continues to form into adulthood through our successes or failures and how the messages we receive from our environment affect us (the influence of family, teachers, coaches, friends, peers, work colleagues, partner, etc.).

Self-esteem is often assessed using self-report inventories and clinical psychological evaluation.

In the mid-1960s, the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale was developed and became one of the most widely-used instruments to measure self-esteem in the social sciences. The scale measures our overall positive self-attitude: it questions if we are satisfied with ourselves, if we feel that we have good enough qualities and skills, and if we have much to be proud of.

We are all in favor of healthy self-esteem, but improving and nurturing it seems to be surprisingly tough.

Of all the judgments we make in life, none is more important than the judgments we make about ourselves.


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