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They try to remember what they should be thinking of, but ‘DON’T GO LEFT! A last minute adjustment in their downswing leads to a horrible heel strike that, somehow, makes it safely onto the putting surface. A nervy putt catches the right edge of the hole and they have made it through. Great golf psychology is a critical factor in optimising golfing performance.

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On the last day he had a comfortable lead, before everything began to unravel.

He obviously struggled on the last day, but around the 10th or 11th hole a few bad shots in a row led to a demise in his performance.

Some days this sponge is full of golfing potential.

For some mystical reasons, on other days, this sponge feels almost empty.

Please leave you comments, thoughts and feedback at the bottom in the comments section. They are both tied 16th with the top 15 players getting their cards for the main tour and making it to the big leagues. They pick their target, visual their shot, and step over the golf ball.

Many thanks, Will Two players are standing in the middle of the 18th fairway next to their tee shots; 175 yards away from the green. They focus intently on their swing cue, as they swing the club back they stay committed, but things just don’t feel right.

No golfer knows what changes between these two days, but we all know we have to deal with both of these situations when they arise.

Great processes and thinking (golf psychology) is about squeezing the most out of your sponge every day you play golf and practice.

This is a draft version of the golf psychology book I’m writing.

The introduction gives you a swift story to begin thinking about golf psychology.


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