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I decided to read some personal finance books to try and get a better understanding of my disastrous money situation.

There was one phrase that continually stood out to me during my research...

How could I be making almost double my original income and have nothing to show for it? My HELOC that I had been using as an ATM was no longer available to me all of a sudden.

The bank told me that my home value had decreased so much that I no longer had equity in my home.

They would rather ignore the financial problems than figure out how to solve them.

Call it pride, call it whatever you would like, people hate to concede they are bad stewards of their money.

It’s scary to tell everyone in the company exactly what is going on when you are in distress.

We recently had a long thread on our CEO list titled It was brilliant and full of great examples, but one, from a company that had stalled but then went on to be extremely successful, stood out to me.

While sometimes the issues were intractable, or the dynamics between the people were ineffective, most of the time the focus on people solving the problems resulted in spending less money.

I have a corollary to Jon’s statement which is: “When things break or stall, slow down your spending.” The momentum of growth often results in expense growth regardless of what is happening in the rest of the business.


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