Solving Math Word Problems And Setting Up Equations

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So take a moment to perform this step before you zero in on solving the question.

You're likely to see both a diagram/equation problem and a word problem for almost every SAT Math topic on the test.

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Most (though not all) word problem questions of this type will be scenarios or stories covering all sorts of SAT Math topics, such as averages, single-variable equations, and ratios.

You almost always must have a solid understanding of the math topic in question in order to solve the word problem on the topic.

We know that we're dealing with a circle since our focus is a pizza. Because we'll need to solve the weight of each slice in ounces, let's first convert the total weight of our pizza from pounds into ounces.

We're given the conversion (1 pound = 16 ounces), so all we have to do is multiply our 3-pound pizza by 16 to get our answer: 3 * 16 = 48 ounces (for whole pizza) Now, let's draw a picture.

You might also get a geometry problem as a word problem, which might or might not be set up with a scenario, too.

Geometry questions will be presented as word problems typically because the test makers felt the problem would be too easy to solve had you been given a diagram, or because the problem would be impossible to show with a diagram.


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