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The way to do that is to give people enough to eat. We should reallocate the funds currently being spent on Space research to the rather simple notion of making it rain where and when we want it.Now there will be pro-space lobbyists who agree with every word of this, but will complain that I want to take their money off them. In terms of expenditure on weather management since the Second World War there’s only been tens of millions spent on research – as opposed to tens of billions on space research.

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This is not the way that leads to a successful project.

So, if you are allowed to choose a topic on your own, you should try to come up with it on your own first.

These include the disappearance of the , the pollution of the oceans, and increased desertification of an area about the size of England every year.

These are the general crises that are coming to the planet, quite apart from the economic ones we’re so obsessed with at the moment.

Their civilisation collapsed in about 900AD because they over-exploited their environment.

We know that all civilisations collapse after about 500 years, prior to which you have big cities, people in the countryside servicing the cities.

The exploration of the outer space is an important topic that many people often underestimate.

This exploration is not about the search for extraterrestrial forms of life or an explanation for UFOs.

There has been research going on for 65 years into climate management.

We know how to seed clouds and we know how to make it rain when we want it to rain.


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