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They may be able to retake certain exams if they don't initially pass, so yearly Regents prep classes may help build a familiarity that could be beneficial over time.

Quality assistance with their Regents prep can be an advantage for students working to earn Advanced or Honors distinctions on their diplomas.

Every New York student deserves to receive some extra help with their Regents test preparation.

If you're looking for Regents classes to help your student prepare to retake exams they didn't pass in a previous year, Regents tutors can examine their scores from the previous test, and may provide a practice test or section so they can observe how your student answers questions and what obstacles they're facing.

This could help them come up with a customized Regents test preparation plan based on your student's individual needs, which is one of the greatest benefits of Regents prep courses provided by Varsity Tutors.

We can connect them with a unique kind of Regents course, in which they receive private Regents tutoring.

When you contact Varsity Tutors, let us know if your student needs Regents test prep help for the standard Regents exams or those for Advanced or Honors designation, and we can match them with a Regents prep instructor who is familiar with the tests they'll be taking.

Students are given 3 hours to complete the three sections, each of which consists of reading one or more passages and answering different types of questions.

The Reading Comprehension section includes multiple-choice questions, the Writing from Sources: Argument section requires an argument essay, and the Text Analysis section requires a 2- to 3-paragraph response.

Once they enter high school, students are continually working towards their Regents, so your student may want to take a Regents course each year focusing on the exams they'll be taking.

The consistency your student can experience through an annual Regents course, followed by the exam, and then the ability to review their results with their parents, teachers, and Regents tutors, can act as a routine for your student.


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