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(b) Narrator: Her sister dies after early graying of the hair (169).

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However she displays her credentials by being a friend of Mrs Farintosh.

She shows ‘joy’ when Holmes arrives, displaying eagerness and relief, however her danger is increasing and the tension is mounting (178).

Holmes’ answers to Watson show us the areas he concentrating upon, but we are not given enough to find the answer for ourselves as to how the murder has been committed.

We all know that Royston is behind the murder, but how has he done it?

He ‘seizes’ the poker and bends it with his ‘huge’ hands.

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Cooperative groups in class - pose a question to be worked on in each cooperative group and then circulate around the room answering questions, asking further questions, keeping the groups on task, and so forth after an appropriate time for group discussion, students are asked to share their discussion points with the rest of the class.This is because Holmes has realized that Helen’s sister was murdered to stop Roylott losing ‘a certain annual sum’ (168).(b) He is an affable accommodating character who expresses bemusement and asks the questions we would like to know the answers to e.g. ’ This question directs the reader to puzzle over the conundrum.At the end, Holmes summarises and explains to Watson so that all becomes clear to both him and us.Notice the associative implications of the name ‘Grimesby’. Initially revealed through the ‘victim’s’ account of the way he beat his native butler to death, by his ‘ferocious quarrels’ and through his ‘disgraceful brawls’, he becomes ‘the terror [note the word] of the village’, including ‘hurling the local blacksmith over a parapet’ (168).the appreciation of the tell-tale signs of the dog-cart splashes.He is admired by the victim because he can ‘see deeply into the manifold wickedness of the human heart.’ (167).Holmes says he does not see more he ‘deduces more’ (183), but he hits out at the bell-pull when Watson ‘saw nothing.’ (186).Also he knows the name of the snake and how dangerous it is when Watson only sees ‘strange headgear’ (187)!the ‘distorted child’ (185) and his personal fears during the vigil (186). She is in a ‘pitiable state.’ Her situation is one of ‘horror’ (167).He also describes Roylot’s ‘dreadful shriek’ of ‘pain and fear and anger’ [note the double use of ‘and’] and how he looks in death (187). Helpless and unable to ‘reward…for services.’ Isolated (169).


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