Sport Classification Essay

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Sport is a vigorous physical activity which involves physical exertion and skill, generally played by two teams against each other by following the set number of rules in order to win or defeat other team.

Sport not only has physical benefits but it also improves your concentration and makes you more alert and attentive.

Meanwhile, under the snow sports are the snowboarding, skiing, sledding, luge, skeleton, bobsled or bobsleigh, and ski bobbing.

As the result of giving time to read the list above, you have now informed yourself on the different types that sports have.

It helps to enhance the overall personality of an individual and makes him more productive and alert.

It also increases your social interaction and develops sportsman spirit in an individual.With the endurance sports, the duathlon which consists of biking and running, the biathlon which consists of skiing and shooting, and the triathlon, consisting of swimming, biking, and running are some examples of this type of sports.The decathlon which consists of running, long jump and high jump, hurdling, throwing such as javelin throw, discus throw, and shot put is under the endurance sports as well. Water, Snow, and Ice Sports Lastly is the water, snow, and ice sports which are any sports that associated with the elements of water, snow, and ice.But on this article we only include the types of sports that are considered as physical.If you are still interested in playing any non physical sports then you can visit you can play card games like blackjack for fun with free chip.Here is the list of the different types of sports 1.Ball Sports First on the list of the sports’ different types is the ball sport which is the most common one among of all types as well.Some examples of the water sports are swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, wake boarding, surfing, sailing, and rowing.Some of the sports which can be played on the ice are the popular ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, and curling.Meanwhile, some examples of the combat sports are boxing, ultimate fighting, wrestling, and the ancient martial arts such as jujutsu, karate, and taekwondo.Kendo and fencing are some examples of the combat sports that allow and use weapons.


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