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Provides details on the technical, organizational and operational environment in which the work will be completed.It is more significant in work where technical compatibility issues may arise.This information may help to establish a progress payment schedule.

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Includes the format, frequency, number of copies and specific content requirements.

It will also identify the need for presentations, conferences or status meetings, if required between the Contractor and the Project Authority.

In some cases, the information provided in the Deliverable or the Method and Source of Acceptance Sections of the SOW will be sufficient.

In other cases, specific reference will be made to the details and qualitative and quantitative measures which will be used by Health Canada to determine completion and satisfaction with the work.

Every time you need to request work from an external supplier, you need to issue a Statement of Work.

It helps you clarify what it is that you want from your supplier and the timeframes in which to complete it.Contract management and controls in the SOW should be specific to the work and tasks.The HC Project Authority shall ensure the contract will be brought in on time, on budget and of an acceptable quality; i.e.The requirements describe the tasks or activities to be performed by the Contractor.It also includes a detailed description of what is required for each of the identified deliverables.The description will provide sufficient information so that all parties will be able to understand what will signal completion of a phase or milestone in the work.In most situations, this Section will identify what methodology and sequence each of the deliverables will need to meet, how the deliverable will need to be delivered and what will be the relationship of one deliverable with another.It also identifies the guidelines and templates that must be followed or used by the Contractor in completing the work.Some relevant examples might be the reference to the specific section of the International Committee on Harmonization Guidelines or the use of the PSEAT or other guidelines.or SOW, defines 'what it is that you need' from an external supplier.It is a statement of the work to be completed by a supplier.


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