Steps In Problem Solving Process

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The model combines the use of statistical tools, such as control charts and process flow diagrams, with group problem-solving skills, such as brainstorming and consensus decision-making.

Keep in mind Each of the five steps uses a different mindset to clarify the problem and push your thinking to better solutions.

The key is not to mix them up and keep focus during each step.

Coming up with ideas to a problem does not only give you solutions.

It requires a certain degree of immersion, which will always evolve your understanding of the problem. It is easy to lose sight, start to focus on the wrong problem, get bogged down in unimportant details, and jump too fast to solutions rather than understanding the problem.

People tend to think creativity comes from the removal of all restrictions.

In reality, it requires a thorough process that requires different mindsets and the discipline to follow.

It is a simple 5 step approach, but each step comes with a distinct mindset.

I look at it like jumping from a diving tower for the first time. Consolidate your thoughts and ask further questions.

Approaching each step with a distinct mentality is crucial.

Here is how I approach a new project or the ideation for a single concept.


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