Stereotyping Teenagers Essay

Any emotional and/or mental scars inflicted at this age can be difficult, sometimes even impossible to heal.The effects on a young mind can lead to severe depression or even a lack of identity as the victims attempt to run away from the perceived source of their torture.

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But even as we laugh at these jokes (the less racially-provocative ones) is there some harm done to the lives and minds of ounger, impressionable youths who will perhaps not laugh at themselves, but rather retreat into themselves, ashamed of their cultural identity?

Is it possible that, even as we laugh out loud, that there are those of us who are part of cultural minorities, will laugh along with us, but later resent the fact that we made casual jokes about an important aspect of their identity?

A few years ago, a UCLA student posted a video on the popular video-sharing web site Youtube, expressing her opinions about Asian students on the campus.

Alexandra Wallace spent about three minutes of video screen time complaining about the culture and lifestyles of Asian UCLA students.

Most people would view that African Americans may have borne the worst of the discrimination, with American Asians having achieved some degree of academic success and financial progress within the United States, have few emotional difficulties and little need for support or resources.

As discovered by Stacy Lee in her 1994 study, many Asian American students are usually portrayed as academic superstars, apparently because the minority-model stereotypes picture them as coming from cultures that embrace hard work and the values of education.

This in turn alienates them from those who may be more proud of their heritage and refuse to change, meaning that those who were trying ti fit into America remain in a sort of cultural no man’s land, where the Americans cannot fully accept them, yet they are also outcast by their fellow Asian Americans for being &ldquuo; Deserters”.

They are doomed to remain permanent visitors, unable to fully belong anywhere.

Racism is a touchy subject that most of us would readily admit is a criminal and hateful thing.

With it come thoughts of dark times past, of oppressive regimes and brutal slavery.


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