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Since 2015, ongoing conflict has been devastating the country of Yemen, displacing over a million people and leaving thousands dead or injured.Beyond these numbers, the mass fighting has also created a deep culture of violence that affects children.

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These strategies are really useful in helping to solve maths problems.Anyone who has taught maths for any length of time will know how difficult it can be to teach pupils to solve maths problems out of context. There are a number of strategies that can be used to solve maths problems, as follows: Creating a diagram can help mathematicians to picture the problem and find the solution.Present pupils with a familiar setting or a sum that they've tackled before then they're usually fine, but turn it into an unfamiliar problem then it's a different matter. To create a diagram, the problem must be read carefully and the information that has been given to them in the question drawn into the diagram. Check the working out and make sure that your solution is actually answering the question.When students use this strategy, they will make a reasonable guess, based on the information that they have been given and then check to see if their guess is correct The guesses should get closer and closer to the answer, until the correct answer is found.However, in the same ways that we teach strategies for other areas of maths, we can also teach strategies to solve maths problems. The first and most important step is to read the problem carefully to understand what you're asked to find out and what information you have been given. They can then work out the solution from the diagram that has been drawn.When solving maths problems, students should be encouraged to follow a general problem solving procedure. Underlining the important information is also useful so you have all the important numbers/facts to hand. The guess and check strategy can be helpful for many types of problems.Students just need to work out what the events were that occurred previously.Sometimes the problem is too difficult to solve in one step.Making a list is a strategy that will help students sort out the information that has been given in the problem.Once the students can see all of the possibilities for the solution, they can then attempt to solve the problem more easily.


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