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The thoughts of Racial on education and how he used it as weapon for attaining Philippines independence made me realize its true meaning and importance.

I remember, when I was still young, education for me is being able to go to school, nothing more. Education is a word with too many dimensions, too many to mention.

Every now and then my parents keep on telling me that my education should be In the number one slot in my list of priorities.

They keep on telling me that I should put a great deal on finishing my studies.

In this letter of his, Racial pleads to the mothers for them to teach their children to love our mother nation and to fight for our liberty.

Through this end also, our children will be able to acquire their worthy education.Education plays an important role in the progress of an individuals mind and country.Ignorance and poverty are major speed-breakers in the swift developing country and can be overcome easily through education.You can’t really call yourself educated if you can read and write or get flat Is in every subject.A person who is educated has a certain atmosphere around him, of dignity and wisdom.Racial concept of the importance of education is clearly enunciated in his work entitled Instruction wherein he sought improvements In the schools and In the methods of teaching.He maintained that the backwardness of his country during the Spanish era was not due to the Filipinos indifference, apathy or indolence as claimed by the rulers, but to the neglect of the Spanish authorities in the islands.We can even observe in all his works and writings education plays a very important 1 OFF ole. For Instance, In Nils Noel Me Teenager, the character of Crisscross Barbara, the elements of knowledge and education is clearly depicted.This is the reason why it is said that Barbara is the character representation of Jose Racial.For Racial, the mission of education is to elevate the country to the highest seat of glory and to develop the peoples mentality.Since education Is the foundation of society and a requisite for social progress, Racial claimed that only through education could the country be saved from domination.


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