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Children, especially girls, were not meant to challenge authority by speaking out.In adulthood, hooks defines "talking back" as the power of speaking about her personal, painful experiences. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.

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However, Hooks' African American readers speak of the debt they owe her (whose real name is Gloria Watts) for helping them to perceive their own personal experiences within a broad context that does allow for recreating perceptions, recreating expressions of self and community that deviate from traditional perceptions and expressions otherness.Hooks explores the Black feminist movement and its navigation of race, class, and gender through a series of essays on her own personal understandings.Her first several essays describe her own childhood growing up in the South.Bell Hooks, which she writes as It has been a political struggle for me to hold to the belief that there is much [that black people] must speak about, much that is private that must be openly shared, if we are to heal our wounds ... To speak when not spoken to was a courageous act--an act of risk and daring (Chapter 2).is a collection of essays in which hooks explores themes of racism, feminism, education, narrative, and empowerment.By using personal experience alongside theory and analysis, bell hooks stresses the importance of marginalized people "talking back" and refusing to stay silent in the face of oppression.She stresses the importance of sharing personal stories and using these as a way to theorize about racism, feminism, empowerment, and oppression.In the introduction to the book, hooks writes: Often it was that coming together of the idea, the theory, and shared personal experience that was the moment when the abstract became concrete, tangible, something that people could hold and carry away with them.Overall, this collection of essays serves to bring this idea into practice, as bell hooks writes about her personal experiences as a black woman in combination with theory about oppression to explore various topics related to feminism, education, and empowerment.Gloria Watkins uses the name "bell hooks" (no capitalization) as more than a pseudonym.She finds it important that people identify with what she writes rather than who is writing.


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