Team Building Leadership Essay

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As expected, when everyone entered the centre, and took a seat, people sat in their friendship groups with people that they knew and trusted.

In an attempt to break this barrier of friendship, Gareth selected the groups at random.

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Belbin’s research concluded that there are nine team roles, within a well functioning team, and each of these roles must be played by at least one team member.

This does of course not mean that each member is limited to one role, or that a team should have nine members to work well.

It simply means that if each of these roles is present within a team, the team will work to a much higher standard overall.

After working through some team exercises with some of my team members, it was clear to me that some of what Belbin’s research suggested was indeed the case.

The practical team event on the 1st and 2nd of November was an experience which proved to be a valuable insight into the roles of a person in a position of leadership, and showed many examples of teamwork in action.

From the outset of the weekend, it was clear by the way in which it was proposed, that it would be a very team orientated event.


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