Telomeres Research Paper

Both of these may cause additional telomere shortening. On the other hand, another looked at the diet quality of older adults in Australia and telomere length.The investigators found that those who followed a healthy diet didn’t appear to have longer telomeres.

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Again, this was a very small study, and it only involved men.

However, this small study provides a foundation for more recent research surrounding the effects of diet, exercise, and stress management on telomere length.

As the cells in your body divide, your chromosomes need to replicate so that each cell contains a complete set of chromosomes in its nucleus.

At the ends of each of your chromosomes are stretches of DNA called telomeres.

Your DNA is located within the nuclei of your cells, where it’s bundled within structures called chromosomes.

Each chromosome carries specific genetic information in the form of genes.Research into the link between telomere shortening and death is ongoing.While it’s known that chromosome replication shortens telomeres, some experts believe oxidative stress can also shorten them.This means that most of your telomeres continue to get shorter over time.Some people claim that telomere shortening is a major contributor to the aging process and development of disease.Oxidative stress refers to damage to DNA and other biomolecules from reactive oxygen species.Reactive oxygen species are created by both natural cellular processes within your body and inflammation.Instead, they suggest that genetics and other non-dietary factors play a role.When you’re stressed, your body releases hormones that can cause oxidative stress.But no one fully understands the impact that telomere shortening has on our overall health.A found a link between shorter telomeres and an increased rate of death from heart disease and infectious diseases.


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